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Please visit TIMEO Multifunction Portal page! (Click right picutre) On this page, you will find various convenient tools that I and my family members are using. You may find it usuful.

Please visit my business site (Click on my picture), which offers English/Japanese bilingual database management and translations (either inexpensive or depending upon the contents, free of charge). I shouls like to work as long as I live and wish that my daughter will inherit it when she retires from her current work.

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Coty Blog

Please visit our lovely dog Coty's blog. During his 14th year, he had to fight with a malignant cancer. He fought courageously with it and wrote a cancer fighting diary through us. If you read his diary, you will find some hints that might apply to the long and healty life for your own dog.

Here below is the private space for our family.